Investing in ”real estate” from prominent developers or companies is one of the most significant investments one can make in a lifetime. What makes this choice really crucial? There are many causes, but the financial investment necessary, the complexity of the ”real estate market”, and the need for specialized or professional skills to make sure every dollar is effectively spent are among the most important. In this blog, we’ll examine the real estate sector and investing options. However, the main goal of this article is to guide you through the difficult process of selecting the top 11 Ghanaian real estate companies, developers, Agents and Brokers. but before that;

Accra, Ghana’s capital city, is home to numerous real estate firms that do excellent work in offering housing options for Ghanaians. The phrase “real estate” is broad. We offer real estate that is commercial, residential, industrial, vacant property, and even digital. In Ghana, the term “real estate” refers to property that includes both the land and the structures on it as well as any fixed improvements to the land, including any crops, minerals, or water. Real estate has generally continued to grow each year due to high demand and population growth.

More attention will be paid to residential real estate service providers in this piece of content. These are businesses that have a significant stake in the real estate and home construction business. Here, you’ll discover some of Ghana’s prominent estates.

What is real estate? |Ghana Houses Agency.

Real estate consists of land and permanent improvements that come along with it such as buildings, utility systems, fixtures, roads etc. The real estate industry in Ghana has been growing quite steadily over the last two decades and has seen even greater growth in the recent past with several developers joining the industry. This trend, although well-intentioned, has given rise to a number of concerns among both practitioners and customers. Some of the challenges bother the regulation of members & standardization of practice by an institution such as the ”Ghana Real Estate Developers Association” (GREDA). This situation has resulted in a scenario where customers are caught in a situation of having to decide on which of these many real estate developers are professional and customer-focused in a way that they can trust and have an assurance of their monies worth in their “real estate investment”. It is the reason we are putting together this blog to help you make sense of the options of the most reliable real estate companies in Ghana. Indeed, it is not possible to manage real estate developments without professionals, hence, real estate developers are professionals who obtain land, prepare it for development, manage the construction, and drive the marketing and sale of properties.


Top 11 Prominent Ghanaian Real Estate Companies 2022!

The top 11 real estate firms in Ghana are listed here, but they are not listed in any specific ranking. Previous projects, the scope and size of developments, inventions, industry awards, nominations, and competence were all taken into consideration. These are among Ghana’s top prominent real estate developers, Brokers and Agents in Ghana.

Devtraco Plus-Real Estate Company

One of Ghana’s most prestigious real estate firms is Devtraco. They are One of Ghana’s largest real estate developers. Devtraco has housing units for more than 1200 people spread across 205 acres. They are not just one of the biggest in Ghana, but it is also advisable because of their focus on dexterity. Every project is constructed with style and the legendary Devtraco quality.

Devtraco Plus’s overall vision is to establish a niche for its premium quality housing and luxurious home units in prime zones in Accra. Their passion is to satisfy their customers with excellent service delivery. This is their hallmark. Their plush real estate properties possess a signature style and character, expertly designed to effectively function with modern finishing and built with materials that reflect their commitment to quality and luxury. We stand out with their competitive price and flexible payment plan options that are structured with their customers in mind.

Trasacco Estates Development Company Ltd

Turnkey developments are offered by Trasacco Estates Development Company Ltd, which has strong internal design and construction teams committed to raising industry standards for quality and innovation. Their service is hinged on creativity, originality and application of strong design principles. Currently engaged in a number of projects across different sectors including master planning, luxury apartments and houses, mixed-use developments, hotels and resorts as well as interior design. Villaggio Vista, Adinkra Heights, and Villaggio Primavera are their Accra developments.

Clifton Homes

One of Ghana’s most trusted real estate developers, Clifton Homes, is noted for building attractive, high-quality homes in desirable Accra neighborhoods at affordable costs. They offer excellent payment plans because they are real estate developers, thus lowering the cost of the investment. The team of developers at Clifton Homes gives attention to details, whether this is in relation to client communications, managing construction costs, or interior fittings and finishing. A track record of sell-out developments, industry-leading asset growth and rental yields, and a remarkable track record of returning customers and referrals are all results of their exceptional client engagement. Their most recent developments include Embassy Gardens, The Gallery, Kai Villas, and The Lennox.

Adom City

The Adam City Estate is a Real Estate Development Company, which develops housing for sale to the public. We aim at providing quality and affordable housing for middle-income earners. As a company, we have a keen interest in meeting to some extent, the current housing deficit in Ghana. We also believe that everyone deserves to own a home, hence our commitment to providing quality and affordable housing to every Ghanaian citizen who is interested in and committed to acquiring a house(s).

The Company has seven directors who are solely responsible for managing the company’s operations and has been registered with the Registrar General Department. This impartial board is made up of accomplished Ghanaians who have excelled in their fields for many years, some for over twenty.

Regimanuel Gray Limited

Regimanuel Gray Limited represents an outstanding example of a successful private sector joint-venture in Ghana. It is a creature of a strategic partnership originally between Regimanuel Ltd, a Ghanaian company and Gray Incorporated of Texas, US. In 2008, The Aureos Africa Fund, a regional venture capital institution replaced Gray Incorporated as Regimanuel Ltd’s partner in Regimanuel Gray Limited. In July 2019, Aureus Africa Fund became Neoma Africa Fund L.L.C, a private limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Mauritius.

 Denya Developers

The Pragnya Group, which has over twenty years of experience in the real estate market, includes Denya Developers. Their business is well renowned for offering exceptional 10-year structural warranties as well as 5-year warranty on leaks and waterproofing. Denya Developers has seen significant growth in popularity in recent times and are noted as the real estate developers that create high-end apartments and luxurious homes. Their expertise covers every stage of the development process, from buying the site to applying the finishing touches. Among their developments are Tribute House in Airport, The Pavillion in Cantonments and The Ivy apartment at East Legon.

Earlbeam Realty| Real Estate Companies

As a reputable real estate company in Accra, Ghana, Earlbeam Realty is renowned for its ingenuity, innovation, and people-oriented quality in offering a high level of service and conventional elegant residences.The philosophy of Earlbeam Realty is hinged on the belief that your home is your wealth hence they provide a 2-year warranty on all fixtures and fittings on all their developments. Some of their development include; 23 Odum townhouse at Dzorwulu, Fairfax townhouses at East Legon Hills and Earl Heights apartment at Dzorwulu.

Whitewall Properties| Real Estate Companies

Whitewall Properties are one of Ghana’s leading real estate developers with the aim of providing world-class residential homes for the middle and high-end markets. The company builds its reputation on the delivery of quality products and ensuring value, transparency and satisfaction are achieved.

Some of their development include; Brandon Courts at Adjiringanor, Adams Grey townhouses at East Legon Hills and Pine Courts at Cantonments

These top 11 prominent real estate companies presented above provide a mine of information for any potential real estate investor or customer. It provides insights that would otherwise take a considerable length of time to have in one place

Lakeside Estates

Lakeside Estates is popular for its nice and affordable residential facilities. Lakeside Estate is a member of the Ghana Real Estate Developers Association (GREDA). They have one of the biggest housing developments in Ghana, which has a lakeside recreation area.

Rehoboth Property Limited

Rehoboth is a real estate firm in Ghana that is entirely owned by Ghanaians, which is just one of the many factors that make it unique. Since its founding in 2012, it has created remarkable homes and estates for middle-class to affluent buyers. Their service is the definition of luxury. Properties Portfolio Ghana has many development projects across the nation and provides other essential services such as brokerage services.

Goldkey Properties

With over 20 years of experience in the real estate sector, Goldkey Properties has developed a reputation for its flawless design, attention to detail, luxury, and security. These guidelines serve as the guiding principles for all of Goldkey Properties’ projects. Customer satisfaction is their driving force, providing their clients with premium quality residential and commercial developments by making the best use of space and reflecting the modern lifestyle of the Ghanaian. Their projects include Asafu Agyei’s residence in Airport Residential, Hammond Court in Cantonments, and Cantonments City Apartment.

Anyone looking for some of the top best real estate developers to work with while in Ghana should find this list of real estate firms in Ghana to be great. Share with a friend


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